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MSACL 2018 EU Exhibitor

PROMISE Advanced Proteomics

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Promise Proteomics offers a range of “off the shelf” and custom produced stable isotope labelled intact, recombinant proteins to benefit scientists who require robust and reliable quantitative LC-MS workflows

Our labelled proteins are designed to benefit these areas:

• Biomarkers evaluation and validation: Labelled proteins are the gold standard to achieve reproducible, reliable and accurate data.

• Pharmacokinetics studies of biotherapeutics: Promise produces custom labelled proteins for PK studies. Additionally, we provide services for monoclonal antibody development in collaborative R&D projects with pharmaceutical partners

• Development of Certified Reference Materials: We produce both labelled and labelled proteins tailored to customer specifications, for example purity and quantity.

• Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Promise offers labelled antibodies and sample processing kits for monitoring patients treated with biotherapies.

Visit our website to learn more about our catalogue of labelled proteins and custom production services