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MSACL 2019 US Exhibitor

DPX Technologies

Booth: 16

At DPX Technologies, we believe that sample preparation should be fast and simple. That is why we have developed a variety of sample preparation product lines in easy-to-use pipette tips. Our patented dispersive pipette eXTRaction (XTR) tip functions by dispersive SPE, requiring only seconds of mixing to complete each step of the sample preparation process. The patented Tip-on-Tip technology employs a DPX’s Filtration tips to filter samples by dispensing them through the Filtration tip. The latest DPX product line, INTip Size Exclusion Chromatography, provides a unique, patent pending process for automated group separations for buffer exchange, desalting and PCR cleanup. Whether your laboratory uses a single channel pipettor or a fully robotic liquid handler, there is a DPX tip compatible with your analysis method and throughput. Stop by our booth to learn how DPX products can streamline your workflow.