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MSACL 2019 EU Exhibitor

Fornax Technologies

Booth: 18

Fornax Technologies has developed a SPE-workstation based on a 96 well Positive Pressure Extractor (PPE) integrated in a Tecan liquid handler for e.g. MS smart sample preparation.

Fornax Technologies utilize refurbished liquid handlers to realize a full automated, reliable, cost-effective SPE-process. Refurbishment, maintenance and service are offered based on certificated processes.

The liquid handler is controlled by Graphical user interface portraying the whole SPE-process.

Advantages over vacuum manifold:
• PPE allows flow pressure regulation according to the application needs
• No issues due to leaks of vacuum sealing
• No masking of unused wells
Advantages over centrifugation:
• No unreliable loading/unloading of centrifuge
• Faster processing

The system allows simple automation of sample isolation or extraction, concentration and buffer exchange processes with kits of various suppliers e.g. Waters, Macherey-Nagel, Qiagen, Tecan, GE Healthcare.

Fornax Technologies quality policy: second hand and first class!