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MSACL 2022 Exhibitor

Mass Tech

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MassTech is the only license holder and US producer of AP MALDI and subAP MALDI ion sources and is the recognized leader in AP MALDI technology. AP MALDI is suitable for sensitive MALDI sample analysis and below 10-micron spatial resolution MS tissue imaging. The AP MALDI sources can be changed to the ESI source within minutes. AP/MALDI is compatible with HRMS from all MS OEMs and select triple quadrupole MS systems.

The MT Explorer 30 is a compact mass spectrometer designed and built by MassTech Inc. It is capable of desktop laboratory performance in a small, field transportable package. It has an atmospheric pressure interface, allowing for a use of ESI/DART/APCI/MALDI/SICRIT ion sources. Combined with our own ESI/APCI ion source, customers can purchase a complete integrated unit capable of rapid, on-site biological or chemical identification.