MSACL Exhibitor

MSACL 2023 Exhibitor

YYZ Pharmatech

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YYZ Pharmatech endeavors to enable the next generation of diagnostic & therapeutic medicine by quantitatively describing biology with greater sensitivity than ever before.

YYZ is keen to collaborate with industry partners to address unmet clinical needs, where discovery & measurement approaches are currently limited by sensitivity.

Technology Platform Highlights:

Discover with DPiPSA™ (Database-Driven Proteome Intact Partition Statistical Analysis) - a proprietary bioinformatics platform that generates large scale blood peptide and protein databases, enabling a new paradigm of novel biomarker and target discovery.

Measure with ELiMSA™ (Enzyme Linked Mass Spectrometric Assay) - a patented detection method with industry-leading sensitivity, quantification and reliability to identify any biomolecule, using a combination of enzyme amplification with detection by mass spectrometry.