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MSACL 2017 EU Exhibitor

Biocrates Life Sciences

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Biocrates and Metanomics Health have recently merged to create a new global leader in Metabolomics and early disease detection. As a total solution provider, Biocrates and Metanomics Health provide the broadest technology and product portfolio in the industry. The merged companies have extensive expertise in targeted and global metabolic profiling, customized assay development, targeted screening kits, and data interpretation. Finally, capabilities in CDx / Diagnostic Kit development make Biocrates and Metanomics Health the preferred partner for all your requirements in metabolite analysis.

Biocrates’ metabolomics kits allow for the analysis of up to 400 metabolites across multiple analyte classes. These kits have contributed to more than 800 scientific publications and are being used in >100 mass spectrometry laboratories throughout the world. The whole range of analytical and data interpretation services is available through the company’s service laboratories in Berlin, Germany and Innsbruck, Austria.