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MSACL 2018 US Exhibitor

MRM Proteomics

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MRM Proteomics Inc. is at the leading edge of proteomics technology. We offer a wide range of proteomics services and easy-to-use kits for do-it-yourself protein quantitation. We are also currently involved in developing clinical diagnostics. Our technologies include: MRM-MS with paired heavy/light peptide standards for high-precision highly-multiplexed quantitation of hundreds of proteins from low-volume samples; Patented iMALDI-MS technology for robust high-throughput clinical proteomics; HDX structural characterization of proteins and biosimilars, approaching single-residue resolution; and Tissue imaging of peptides and >500 lipids using innovative matrices and techniques (patent pending). Our mission is to offer the highest quality of proteomics technologies on the market today. Although our services fit with many diverse applications, we recognize that research projects are not “one-size-fits-all.” Our expertise allows us to offer custom-tailored solutions for your specific research needs.