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ACCENT Continuing Education Credit


AACC is an approved provider of continuing education for clinical laboratory scientists licensed in, but not limited to, the states of California, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

MSACL 2014 EU Short Courses

Detection of Pathogens and Toxins using Mass Spectrometry12
Development and Validation of Quantitative LC-MS/MS Assays for Use in Clinical Diagnosis12
How to Process Body Fluids for LC-MS/MS Analysis of Small Molecules6
Introduction to Clinical Mass Spectrometry12
Preparing Manuscripts for Publication: Improving your Chances for Success6
Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) and Other Solventless Sampling and Sample Preparation Technologies for Laboratory and On-Site6

MSACL 2014 EU Plenary and Scientific Sessions

Plenary SessionFriday AM: Irene Burkhardt: MALDI-TOF in Medical Microbiology1
Plenary SessionFriday AM: Matthias Mann: High Resolution Proteomics for Clinical Applications 1
Plenary SessionThursday AM: Gary Siuzdak: Metabolism and Disease Pathogenesis1
Plenary SessionThursday AM: Zoltan Takats: Direct Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Fluids, Cells and Tissues - The Benefits and the Price of Real-Time Analysis1
Plenary SessionThursday PM: Randall Julian: The Impact and Potential Consequences of Machine Intelligence on Healthcare    1
Scientific SessionSession 1 Track 1 (Thu AM): Sample Prep1.25
Scientific SessionSession 1 Track 2 (Thu AM): Metabolomics1.25
Scientific SessionSession 1 Track 3 (Thu AM): Standardization1.25
Scientific SessionSession 2 Track 1 (Thu PM): Small Molecule1.25
Scientific SessionSession 2 Track 2 (Thu PM): Proteomics1.25
Scientific SessionSession 2 Track 3 (Thu PM): Imaging and Analytics1.25
Scientific SessionSession 3 Track 1 (Fri AM): Small Molecule / Sample Prep1.25
Scientific SessionSession 3 Track 2 (Fri AM): Metabolomics1.25
Scientific SessionSession 3 Track 3 (Fri AM): Novel Methodologies1.25
Scientific SessionSession 4 Track 1 (Fri PM): Biomarkers1.25
Scientific SessionSession 4 Track 2 (Fri PM): Metabolomics1.25
Scientific SessionSession 4 Track 3 (Fri PM): Toxicology1.25