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Presenting on Connect : What to Expect

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Vendor Submission & Participation Guidance


(1) Solicited : If you submit an abstract in response to a topic solicitation, AND it is selected by a Scientific Chair for a presentation as part of a focused session, there is no cost for participation.

(2) Unsolicited : If you have content that you would like to present on Connect on your own terms, please visit Industry "Podium" Presentations.


(1) Directed Session : If you are interested in presenting a "Poster", you are encouraged to contact MSACL and suggest a poster session topic, date and time. MSACL will then submit a call for poster abstracts to fill a poster session. More info and pricing is available here.

See below for an explanation of a Poster Session

Invited Seminar Presentations

Presenters specifically recruited and invited by the MSACL network have only general timing guidelines with presentation lengths ranging from 25-50 minutes and open-ended Q&A - typically 15-60 min.

Submitted Abstracts : "Podium"

After submitting through the online portal and being accepted to present, Podium presenters will either be administratively placed in a specific session (and sent an email for confirmation), or have the option to select a presentation position from with Abstract Management within their Network Directory Profile based on those that are currently open.

Presentations are planned to occur in groups of two with a 15-20 minute interlude to allow time for attendees to visit vendor breakout rooms in order to learn more about tools and services available to accelerate their research.

Submitted Abstracts : "Poster"

After submitting through the online portal your submission will be considered for participation. If accepted, you will select a Poster Session in which to participate. Expect anywhere from 4-8 other poster presenters may be in each session.

Each presenter will open in the main Zoom room with a 120-second pitch, and then each presenter will move to a breakout room to attend visitors interested in discussing their specific poster.

Slide sharing in the breakout rooms is expected, but not required. Do whatever you feel is best. One suggestion is that the presenter partition their "poster" between 1 to 5 slides rather than share an actual poster.

Total time: ~1 hr.

Additional Details

Logos on Slides
For both Podium and Poster presentations, please limit the use of logos on your slides to the first slide in your deck.

Register for Your Session (no cost, $0)
As a presenter, you will need to register for your session(s) via the registration link that will be included as part of your session profile on the Connect feed.