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Industry Solutions : Shimadzu EU

Shimadzu is a world-leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. We develop and manufacture innovative products for laboratories in industry, science and governmental institutions. We believe that innovation can improve people’s health and healthcare outcomes.

Our research and development programs are applied to a range of diverse technologies including diagnostic X-ray imaging, positron emission tomography (PET) dedicated for breast cancer to mass spectrometry based platforms like MALDI for routine clinical microbiology, PESI applied to cancer screening in tissue and serum, LC-MS/MS for routine clinical toxicology analysis. At Shimadzu, our purpose is to bring meaningful innovation to what we do, bringing about change. With our MALDI systems we have changed the way in a blood-based approach is used in amyloid-beta analysis for helping to screen neurodegenerative disease. With our CLAM-LC-MS/MS we were the first to change the way in which routine clinical samples could be analyzed. 

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