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Laboratory/Clinical Scientist

Company:Vancouver Coastal Health - Vancouver General Hospital
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Position:Laboratory/Clinical Scientist


Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Vancouver General Hospital

Position Description:
Reporting to the Clinical Chemistry Division Head and the Clinical Biochemists, the Laboratory Scientist will be responsible for the Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method development of novel small molecule assays on Agilent 6460 and Ultivo and Waters Xevo TQ-S micro LC-MS/MS systems of the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory. As an LC-MS/MS Assay Development Specialist, you will provide knowledge of use, trouble-shooting, and maintenance of High Performance Liquid Chromatography instruments, triple-quadrupole mass spectrometers, and robotic liquid handling systems.

1. Assay development and validation
• Provides expert advice and consultation and is directly involved in all LC-MS/MS assay development projects.
• Researches and sources appropriate reagents for assay development, prepares reagents, sets up parameters for LC and MS applications.
• Designs, directs, performs, analyzes, and interprets a wide range of experiments independently.
• Performs experimental method validation.
• Supports, trains, and provides technical advice and direction to LC-MS/MS users.
2. Existing LC-MS/MS methods
• Provides expert advice and consultation and is directly involved in all modifications to existing assays including data interpretation, troubleshooting, and optimization of sample preparation.
• Suggests, develops, and experimentally validates improvements to existing LC-MS/MS methods, particularly around improving sensitivity and introducing automation to increase sample throughput.
• Provides expertise in troubleshooting problems that occur during routine operation of LC-MS/MS systems and performs relevant tasks such as disassembly, cleaning, and replacement of columns, filters, valves, tubing, etc.
• Liaise with Biochemists to help produce reports that are convenient for clinical interpretation and provide the data in a manner that can be processed by existing in-house middleware solutions.
3. Hamilton StarLET Robotic Liquid Handler
• Programs and troubleshoots the Hamilton StarLET Robotic Liquid Handler and trains MLTs and other users on the operation of new Hamilton methods. Liaises with Hamilton software and hardware engineers to solve issues and/or arrange service calls.
• Supervise and train users in the correct use of the Hamilton StarLET and LC-MS/MS equipment. Recommends and oversees modifications to equipment as needed.

A level of education, training, and experience equivalent to a Masters degree in a relevant discipline and at least five (5) years’ experience working with LC-MS/MS, preferably with Agilent instruments and software. GC-MS experience is an asset.

The applicant will be able to work independently and communicate effectively with all levels of faculty, staff and trainees through both oral and written communication. Strong ability to manage and monitor operations to effectively resolve problems, challenges or issues. Ability to exercise tact, diplomacy and discretion. The applicant will also exercise considerable judgement, but essentially possess great initiative, and have a strong sense of responsibility.

Interested candidates are invited to submit a letter of interest, their curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference to:
Dr. David Schaeffer
Head and Medical Director, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Vancouver General Hospital
910 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9

For additional information, please contact:
Dr. Catherine Cheng
Head, Division of Clinical Chemistry, Vancouver General Hospital (604) 875-4111 ext. 61359

Application deadline: Until position filled.