MSACL 2018 US Abstract

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Topic: Microbiology/Virology

Microbial Applications of Mass Spectrometry

Kent Voorhees (Presenter)
Colorado School of Mines

Bio: Emeritus University Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. Dr. Voorhees has been involved in mass spectrometry applications involving microbiology for most of his career. He and Ricky Holland conducted the first MALDI whole cell protein profiling of bacteria. Lately, his group at the Colorado School of Mines has explored metal oxide laser ionization as a method to improve the capabilities of MALDI for bacterial and antibiotic resistance identification.

Authorship: Ken tJ. Voorhees
Colorado School of Mines

Short Abstract

Mass spectrometry for bacterial identification has a long history. The first studies of this application were reported in the 1960s. Since then, pyrolysis, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and Lasers have been combined with mass spectrometry to characterize bacteria. The application of MALDI to whole cell bacteria for protein profiling is relatively new and was first reported in 1996. This foundation research lead to the commercialization of the technique and has resulted in sales of approximately 4000 units. Although popular, protein profiling has its drawbacks and does not work well with closely related bacterial species. We have extended MALDI to fatty acid analysis using metal oxide as a catalytic matrix free platform to overcome the protein profiling shortfalls. This presentation will present a historical summary of bacterial mass spectrometry applications.

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Thanks to Dr. Christopher Cox, Dr. Casey McAlpin and Dr. Ryan Richards

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