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MSACL Workshop

MSACL 2017 EU Corporate Workshop


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Time:08:15 - 08:45

SWATH®-MS for Quantitation and Identification in Clinical Proteomics, Lipidomics, and Metabolomics

SWATH®-MS, a data-independent MSMS analysis (DIA) was originally developed for proteomics, to quantify thousands of tryptic peptides during one LC run without selection of a given precursor ion. Using a database containing the experimentally measured MSMS spectra, quantitative analysis of proteins has been achievable for several years. Recent software developments have permitted protein quantification to be performed in tandem with protein identification.
In lipidomics, also a complex class of compounds, the MSMS behavior of certain lipid groups is often characterized by isobaric precursors and daughter ions, but different structures. This precludes using normal SWATH®-LC applications, but by introducing ion mobility analysis with a DIA approach, isobaric lipids can be separated and quantified. By coupling direct infusion on a TripleTOF® 6600 system with high field ion mobility (using a SelexION® DMS cell), DIA is performed in 1 Da windows (MSMSALL).
The pros and cons will be shown for all the three fields of clinical proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics where the high numbers of samples require a robust method resulting in the use of micro-LC.