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MSACL Workshop

MSACL 2017 EU Corporate Workshop


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Time:14:00 - 14:30
Room:Mozart 4-5

Disruptive Technologies and Creative Solutions in Clinical Mass Spectrometry

1. Application of the fully-automated sample preparation module, CLAM-2000, in clinical diagnostics
Dr. Thomas Stimpfl, Medical University of Vienna - Department of Laboratory Medicine
In clinical diagnostics random access to wide range of target analytes is needed. We will present experience with a novel, fully-automated sample preparation module - directly connected to a LC-MS-system - in the routine setting of a university hospital laboratory.

2. Rethinking library identification in quantitative clinical toxicology - transitioning towards MRM spectrum mode
Neil Loftus - SHIMADZU Corporation (UK)
Translating information-rich mass spec data into meaningful test results is a hurdle in many labs. To help transition toward high-confidence result reporting we have been rethinking the use of MRM in compound identification. We will show how MRM can help reduce false-positive and false-negative reporting without affecting quantitative data quality.

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