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MSACL Workshop

MSACL 2017 EU Corporate Workshop

Biocrates Life Sciences

Time:16:00 - 16:30

Targeted Metabolomics in Personalized Cancer Medicine

Dr. David Wishart: “Metabolomics for Precision Cancer Prevention and Screening”
Dr. Werner Scheuer: “Utility of Metabolomics to Monitor Drug Efficacy in Cancer Models”

Although metabolites have been used in clinical diagnostics for decades, currently clinicians only use a fraction of the information contained in the metabolome. It is anticipated that the measurement of single metabolic substances will be replaced by more comprehensive metabolic signatures. Targeted metabolomics, the hypothesis driven analysis of selected metabolites, will be an important technology for the identification of such biomarker signatures.

Historically, cancer has been thought to be a metabolic disorder. While the focus had turned to genetic approaches, a growing body of evidence confirms an important role for metabolic factors in the pathogenesis and outcome of many different malignancies. This has led to renewed interest into cancer metabolism.

Targeted metabolomics has been instrumental for the identification of metabolic factors that modulate cancer risk, as well as blood based biomarkers for early diagnosis and prognosis. The technology has also provided predictive biomarker signatures for response to targeted and chemotherapies.

Products mentioned in the workshop may currently be labeled for research use only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.