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MSACL Workshop

MSACL 2018 US Corporate Workshop


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Time:12:30 - 13:15
Room:Room 5

Next-Generation Proteomics Technology to Increase Depth of Coverage and Data Reproducibility In Clinical Proteomics

Recent major advancements in label free mass spectrometry based proteomics have enabled deeper and more reproducible quantification of thousands of proteins in a single measurement. This next generation proteomics technology is based on data independent acquisition (DIA) which overcomes the technical limitation of sampling speed of mass spectrometers by isolating broad ranges of peptide ions in parallel and utilizing powerful data deconvolution algorithms. DIA technology is only limited by the sensitivity of the detector, and not the sequential speed of the instrument. Researchers can now carry out deeper analysis of proteins in clinical samples and with new chromatographic set-ups the studies can be extended to hundreds of samples without any loss in depth, coverage and reproducibility.
During the lunch symposium proteomics experts from Biognosys will present the latest improvements in data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. Attendees will learn how to identify more than 8`000 protein groups in single shot DIA with almost no missing values across technical replicates.
Further we will present an optimized capillary flow system coupled to the Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Fusion Lumos. This system was used to analyse over 1500 human plasma samples.