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MSACL Workshop

MSACL 2018 US Corporate Workshop

Indigo BioAutomation

Time:08:00 - 08:45
Room:Room 5

The Batch and Beyond - LCMS Result Automation Strategies and Analytics

Jim Edwards

The utilization of self-aware peak processing algorithms, a comprehensive quality architecture, and a streamlined, exception-based data/result review process have proven to be a successful strategy for improving both quality and throughput of LCMS analysis. The positive impacts of these batch-oriented optimizations can be significantly magnified by an additional layer of analytics and visualization which provide comprehensive information across instruments, assays, and batches over time. Please join us for a discussion on how these analytics are used to diagnose and prevent issues, target quality improvement efforts where they will be most effective, improve the quality and speed of automated result release, and align both the business and science aspects of the laboratory for an elevation in the efficiency and effectiveness of both.