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MSACL Workshop

MSACL 2018 US Corporate Workshop


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Time:07:00 - 07:45
Room:Room 5

Discover a new era of mass spectrometry effectiveness - revealing the power hidden in your existing MS data!

Transform your existing mass spectral data sets and subsequent analyses to unexpected new levels of quality and effectiveness. Discover how to employ fully-automated PeakInvestigator® advanced post-processing software to open a new era of effective life sciences problem solving with the introduction of statistically-valid MS peak determinations, including error bars on every mass and abundance call.

Learn how PeakInvestigator can transform your existing MS results into more powerful and complete data sets by deconvolving overlapped peaks, extracting remarkably improved sensitivity with noise rejection, and providing higher precision in peak determinations. These remarkable improvements extracted from your existing MS data outputs enable you to open a new era of effectiveness in subsequent data analysis, discoveries and confirmations.

Join the Veritomyx team and renowned guest speakers for presentations and Q&A including:
“Fully-Automated, Advanced Mass Spectral Data Analysis”
“Increased Quantity & Quality Of Proteomics Identifications"
“Transformation in Metabolic Biomarkers Blind Discovery Effectiveness”