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Quantitative Metabolite Measurement for Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Metabolomics

:: A 5-Day Hands-On Metabolomics Course

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Produced by: TMIC, WishartLabâ„¢ and MSACL.

Dates: May 20 - 24, 2024

Location: University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Instructors: David Wishart, Allen Zhang, Tammy Zheng, Sindhu Nair

Course Format: Mix of lectures and hands-on laboratory work

Length: 5 days

Prerequisites: Participants are expected to have had some hands-on experience in mass spectrometry.

Travel, meals and accommodations: Participants are expected to cover the cost of their travel, meals and accommodations. Assume hotel costs of CAD$70-200/night, meal costs of CAD$40/day.

Lodging Available:
Campus Tower Hotel (~CAD$232)
On-Campus Dormitory Style Accommodations (~CAD$70-80)

Course Registration Cost; does not include food, travel or accommodation:
Early Bird : USD$1100 (~CAD$1480)
Regular : USD$1400 (~CAD$1880)

Enrollment: up to 12 participants

Application Deadlines:
Early Bird : March 1, 2024
Final : April 1, 2024

Notice of Acceptance: April 4, 2024

If accepted, you will be invoiced directly based on the address information included in your application. Payment is required within 2 weeks of invoicing, otherwise your position may be offered to another participant. Refunds are not available once payment has been completed.


This is a 5-day lecture/lab course that is intended to introduce participants to the practice of robust, absolute quantitation of chemicals via mass spectrometry (MS). All attendees will first be introduced to general concepts of quality management and quality control (QM/QC) in laboratory practice and how ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 certification for laboratory assays can be obtained. Participants will be given a general lab orientation and practice sessions will be conducted on common laboratory steps needed for quantitative MS. Participants will then be introduced to two quantitative methods for measuring phenylpyruvic acid (a marker for PKU) in urine. One will be a colorimetric assay and the other will be an MS-based assay. Participants will be shown how to conduct both assays and will be allowed to repeat the assays for themselves. For the MS-based assay students will be shown how to determine physiological concentration ranges, how to prepare 13C labeled phenylpyruvate, how to optimize chromatographic conditions, how to prepare multipoint calibration curves, how to determine retention time parameters and how to generate parent-product-ion pairs. In addition to single compound quantification via MS, participants will be shown how to prepare and run multi-compound, fully quantitative MS-based assays. Specifically, participants will be introduced to the theory and methods behind these assays and then shown how to conduct a 140-compound assay (called TMIC Prime) on both a Sciex Qtrap (triple quad) MS instrument and a Thermo Orbitrap MS instrument. Participants will have the opportunity to partially prepare and run these assays themselves.

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