Translating Pre-Clinical Research to Clinical Patient Care™


MSACL 2025

Montreal 21-26

Call for Workshop Proposals (1.5 hrs)

The DEADLINE for proposals is December 4.

MSACL's mission is to support translation of pre-clinical research to clinical patient care. The MSACL 2025 conference will showcase cutting edge science, and also identify and address bottlenecks in the field that are impeding the conversion of basic science discoveries into clinically useful applications.

We are interested in hearing from you, what you think might be important for the MSACL attendee base, but some workshop topics to consider include:

(1) Identifying High Value Tests for the Clinic
(2) Paths to Discovering Valuable Biomarkers
(3) Importance of Pre-Analytics
(4) Importance of Biorepository Access
(5) Frameworks for Translating Assays from Basic Science to the Clinic
(6) The Reality of Personalized Medicine
(7) Philosophical and/or Practical Preparations prior to Data Analysis
(8) Data Analysis and Statistics
(9) The Role of MS adjacent technologies in Clinical Analyses
(10) Other Topic you’re particularly interested in

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