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The Michael S. Bereman Award for Innovative Clinical Proteomics

About the Award

The Michael S. Bereman Award for Innovative Clinical Proteomics recognizes recent innovations in clinical proteomics from early- and mid-career scientists. The awardee is honored at the annual meeting of MSACL, where they will be invited to give a lecture. Nominees will be reviewed annually by a rolling award committee.

About Michael S. Bereman

Michael fought daily to make proteomics an answer to questions about disease. His creative efforts have helped guide our approaches and his tenacious spirit will grace this field indefinitely.

From Chris Herold, MSACL President:

Michael Bereman passed on March 17, 2021. Following a diagnosis of ALS in 2015 he was racing against time for the next 6 years to understand the cause of sporadic ALS and identify diagnostic and prognostic markers; more time than is generally expected - likely due to an unbridled positive attitude and deep support network of family, friends and colleagues.

I first met Michael at MSACL 2015 US where he was a co-instructor for the Quantitative Proteomics course with Mike MacCoss. I remember him vividly, joking with us at the MSACL registration desk; so personable, so friendly, so genuine. That was just before his diagnosis.

He returned for MSACL 2016 and 2017 in Palm Springs to reprise his co-instructor role in the Quantitative Proteomics course, but with a heavier burden, and not one I was aware of until later. But, you know what? Michael was still at the registration desk making us laugh. His smiling face remains in my memories and thoughts, now forever.

He embodied what I hope and envision I will also: courage, fortitude, direction, positivity, love, passion and philanthropy. To the very, very end he was fighting for his family, and to alleviate the pain for others who may end up in a similar situation. While his has been a trying path, it has also been beautiful in its sincerity. He touched many profoundly. He made the world a better place. Thanks Michael. We will miss you. And there is no way I can end this with a sad face as I will always remember yours as happy. :)

See a video on Michael's story.