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MSACL 2025

Montreal 21-26

Getting Home

It will be sad to see you go, but all good things must come to an end ...

Taking the Bus to the Airport (YUL)

Walking straight out of the Hotel, you'll walk back up Mansfield Street and then cross the street to pick up the bus going the other direction from when you arrived (you will want to catch a bus that is going LEFT) at either the René-Lévesque / Mansfield stop or further down the street to the left at the René-Lévesque / Peel stop next to the open space park.

You can also catch the bus going RIGHT at the same stop that you got off at when you arrived, it will just take you on about 5 extra stops before it turns around and starts heading to the airport.

If you don't have an OPUS card you can pay the one-way airport fare (CAD$11 as of June 2024) on the bus, but it must be in exact change and no paper bills.

On Arrival at the Airport

Returning to Canada or any International Country, EXCEPT USA : Gate A

Go to Gate A. That's all I can tell you. Good luck!

It's quite funny that it is not specified on the signage for Gate A that it is NOT for the USA. I thought USA was international when one was in Canada, but, in fact, the USA has its own gate, Gate C.

Returning to the USA : Gate C

Go past all of these check-in areas.

Continue straight down the hallway until you see check-in for 600-658.

Continue to follow signs for Gate C.

Follow for Departures.

This will lead you to the baggage check-in area.

If you haven't already checked-in online, then you will need to check in here to get your boarding pass.

Continue to follow signs for Gate C.

Continue to follow signs for Gate C.

Continue to follow signs for Gate C. Just a little longer.

You've made it to security and customs.

!! Important Note: This is US customs shown below. This is in Canada, prior to boarding your departing flight to the USA.

If you have GLOBAL ENTRY or NEXUS you will want to BRING IT. You MUST have it IN-HAND to have the option to jump into the line dedicated to holders of these cards. It may allow to get in a much shorter line.

On arrival in the USA, you will not need to fill out any online customs forms or go through customs.

Have a safe and enjoyable flight!

Hope to see you at MSACL 2026! :)