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MSACL 2025

Montreal 21-26


Dec 04, 2024Short Course Proposal Deadline
Dec 04, 2024Roundtable, Workshop & Practical Training Submission Deadline
Jan 22, 2025Notice of acceptance for submitted proposals.
Feb 28, 2025Last day for EARLY BIRD rates for Exhibit Booths and Industry Workshops
Mar 19, 2025PODIUM Abstract Submission Deadline.
Mar 19, 2025EDUCATIONAL GRANT Application Deadline
Mar 19, 2025Early POSTER Abstract Deadline
--> to receive notification before EarlyBird registration deadline.
Apr 08, 2025REGISTRATION Opens
May 31, 2025Abstract Status NOTICES emailed for submissions received by March 19.
May 31, 2025Educational Grant NOTICES emailed.
Jun 18, 2025EarlyBird Registration Ends
(1) Registration Deadline for PODIUM Presenters.
(2) If you intend to submit an abstract you should register now. If your abstract is not accepted your registration will be refunded at 100%.
Jun 19, 2025NO REGISTRATION REFUND after this date if registrant has an abstract accepted.
Jul 17, 2025FINAL POSTER Abstract Deadline
Jul 23, 2025Regular Registration Ends
(1) Registration Deadline for POSTER Presenters.
(2) Online registration remains open at Late Rates.
Aug 15, 2025Last Day for 90% Registration Refund, only if no abstract accepted
Aug 26, 2025GROUP HOTEL
Deadline to Cancel Group Rate Bonaventure reservations without Penalty*.

If the block has been sold-out to this point, and you were hoping to get a room within the Group Block, you will have until March 7 to secure a room from those that are cancelled by this date.

*On August 27, all Group reservations will be charged for the full booked stay without option for refund. If you're curious about why we need to do this, see description^ below.
Aug 29, 2025Last Day for 50% Registration Refund, ONLY if no abstract accepted.
Sep 02, 2025GROUP HOTEL
Hotel Bonaventure Cut-Off Date for Group Rate.
Last day to book a room at the Group Rate at the Bonaventure, if available.
Sep 07, 2025Late Registration Ends. Uber-Late pricing in effect. (1) Online registration remains open at Uber-Late Rates.

^ When we contract with hotels for an event, they provide discounted room rates for our Group and protect the rooms from being booked by another group or by transient (leisure) guests. We, however, are required to fill a certain number of room nights. If we don't fill the agreed upon number, then we pay the difference. While hotels generally offer free cancellation 48 hrs prior, the problem that we have encountered with this model for our Group contracts is that groups within our group, will book blocks of rooms and then cancel the ones they don't need 2 or 3 days prior to the event. These cancelled rooms cannot be resold at the Group Rate because it is past the cut-off date we have agreed to with the hotel, and, even if they could be resold at the Group Rate, there are few conference attendees looking for rooms 48 hrs prior to an event. This results in what is called a "flush". Depending on the amount of the flush, the contracting Group is stuck with the bill for whatever number of rooms fall below the agreed upon minimum. Instead of MSACL paying the option cost for companies or individuals who are unable to decide whether they want to attend, reservations made as part of the MSACL Group are finalized a month in advance. This allows us to account for how many rooms will actually be booked and also provides other potential attendees, who were perhaps unable to secure a Group Room rate if they were sold out, a chance to secure a room at the Group rate before the cut-off date.