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MSACL 2025

Montreal 21-26

Guided Booth and Poster Tours

The Booth and Poster Tours program is designed to facilitate meaningful interactions among attendees in small groups, fostering the exchange of intellect and experiences. This initiative holds particular value for first-time MSACL attendees, providing them with the chance to connect with colleagues who share similar interests. Additionally, it serves as a valuable opportunity for early-career attendees to approach, interact, and build connections with mid- to late-career professionals within the community.

Booth and Poster Tours: Guides browse booths or view posters as they normally would, but with one or more participants along to observe, join discussions and learn from the experience.

You can sign up at the conference to participate in Guided Activities (i.e., Booth Tour, Poster Tour).

** There will be a list of the Docent volunteers here once we are closer to the conference and they have a chance to view the program and sign up.