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Analytical Chemist

Location:San Antonio
Position:Analytical Chemist


Analytical Chemist (Mass Spectrometry Specialist)
The Center for Precision Medicine in The Department of Medicine, at the University of Texas Health San Antonio (UTHSA) is focused on identifying biomarkers and therapeutic targets by ‘Omics’ approaches using mass spectrometry techniques. We are seeking a highly skilled Analytical Chemist with expertise in mass spectrometry to join our dynamic team and contribute to groundbreaking research in collaboration with biologists.
Job Description:
As an Analytical Chemist (Mass Spectrometry Specialist), you will play a crucial role in supporting our research projects by applying your expertise in mass spectrometry techniques. Working closely with our team of biologists, you will be responsible for the analysis of tissue sections, tissue extracts, cell extracts, and biofluids (such as blood and urine) using advanced mass spectrometry methodologies, including CE, GC/MS, LC/MSMS and MALDI-MSI techniques.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Perform sample preparation and analysis of biological samples using mass spectrometry techniques.
2. Develop and optimize mass spectrometry methods for the targeted and untargeted metabolomic analysis of tissue extracts, cell extracts, and biofluids.
3. Collaborate with biologists to design experiments and provide analytical support for research projects.
4. Troubleshoot and maintain mass spectrometry instrumentation to ensure optimal performance.
5. Analyze and interpret mass spectrometry data, providing insights and recommendations to the research team.
6. Keep him/her self updated on the latest developments in mass spectrometry technology and actively contribute to enhancing laboratory protocols.
Ph.D. or M.S. in Analytical Chemistry/ Mass Spectrometry, Biochemistry/ Mass Spectrometry, or a related field.
Proven experience in mass spectrometry techniques, including CE, GC/MS, LC/MSMS and MALDI-MSI imaging techniques.
Strong background in sample preparation and analysis of biological samples.
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
Ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment.
Effective communication skills to convey complex technical information to interdisciplinary teams.
Reporting structure
There will be a direct report to Dr. Sharma, Director of the Center for Precision Medicine and the Department of Medicine.
UT Health San Antonio is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer including protected veterans and persons with disabilities.