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Discussion Groups

Tuesday Evening
7:00 - 8:00 PM

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Eating A Whale, One Bite at a Time
Russell Grant & Brian Rappold
To be held in: Ventura

Yo ho ho mateys’ – do you know your ragged ends from your missed cleavages? Full proteins or peptides for internal standardization? If not… it’s time to charge the guns and hoist the mainsail. The evenings’ entertainment will focus on bottom up protein assays through finding the flaws in proposed methods. Let the grog flow (yes there will be grog) and battle(ships) commence as we learn how to eat a whale of a “clinical protein” assay, one bite at a time.

Exhibitor Feedback
David Herold & Chris Herold
To be held in: Andreas

Exhibitors, let MSACL know your thoughts on the way the conference is working for you and what we can do to make the experience better in the long run.

CDC Standardization Programs Forum
Hubert Vesper & Julianne Botelho
To be held in: Chino

Participants will discuss how CDC Standardization Programs support laboratories with improving measurements for key hormones such as 25-hydroxyvitamin D, estradiol, and testosterone. Included will be additional discussions about new projects and tools available in CDC Standardization Programs.

Convincing Administrators (and the Public) of the Benefits of MS in the Clinic
Soumen Manna
To be held in: Pueblo

Assemble highlights for the purpose of creating compelling powerpoint for those new to the field (i.e. clinical lab directors, managers, public). Discuss MS-based methods with respect to their technical and economic superiority/inferiority to the existing/emerging alternatives. Identify examples (if any) existing or emerging diagnostic/prognostic tests where MS is the only viable option. Highlight green aspects comparing environmental footprints (energy, toxic waste, chemical and bio-hazards) vis-a-vis existing techniques. Review evolution and adoption of Clinical MS, explore challenges, ethics, mistakes.

MSACL Fundamentals Track - What's Next?
Robert Fitzgerald & Judy Stone
To be held in: Mojave Learning Center

Feedback on the Fundamentals / Newbies track. How is it going? What can be improved?

Understanding Patents in Mass Spectrometry
Ben Borson
To be held in: Catalina

This discussion group will review real world patent claims in the field of metabolite analysis using mass spectrometry and some simpler ‘made-up’ claims to help scientists understand what activities would fall under the experimental use doctrine, direct infringement, indirect infringement, contributory infringement, infringement under the doctrine of equivalents and how to design around infringement of a method or a device claim.

Robert Kobelski & Jack Henion
To be held in: Madera

A fun-filled opportunity to apply mass spectrometry tools and talents to solve a case of mysterious exposure to chemicals of medical significance. Crime scene data can include GC-MS results and olfactory clues. Clinical analysis results can include; clinical presentation, symptoms, GC-MS, ICP-MS and/or LC-MS data. This is an opportunity to flaunt you MS interpretation skills in front of your peers.

Early Career Development Council
Jane Yang
To be held in: Sierra

To create the opportunity for clinical mass spectrometrists, early in their careers, to assemble with the intent of creating and maintaining an interest group with a discernible voice that will communicate directly and effectively with MSACL, MSACL vendors and the clinical mass spectrometry community at large.