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Vendor Exhibits

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Exhibit Open Hours:

Monday: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:45 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:45 AM - 7:00 PM

Focused Attendee Flow:

MON6:00-8:30 PMOpening Reception
TUE10:30-11:30 AMAM Coffee Break
TUE12:30-2:00 PMLunch
TUE3:00-4:00 PMPM Coffee Break
TUE5:00-7:00 PMReception
WED10:45-11:30 AM AM Coffee Break
WED12:30-2:00 PM Lunch
WED3:00-4:00 PM PM Coffee Break
WED5:00-7:00 PMReception

Exhibit Hall Schematic

The MSACL 2016 US Exhibit Hall will be in Oasis 1-2 in the Palm Springs Convention Center. There will also be posters in the Exhibit Hall on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference. The exhibit booths will be 10 x 10 feet. The Exhibit Hall will be up to 42,000 square feet.

A tentative schematic of the Exhibit Hall is below.

A listing of Exhibitors will appear below as they are booked.

Registered Exhibitors: 55 (60 Booths)

CompanyBooth #
Agilent Technologies (summary) 26-27 (2 booths)
ALIFAX (summary) 38
Apricot Designs (summary) 58
Biotage (summary) 59
Bonna-Agela Technologies (summary) 03
Bruker Daltonics (summary) 47
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories (summary) 28
Cayman Chemical (summary) 54
Cerilliant (summary) 31-32 (2 booths)
Chrom Tech (summary) 57
ChromSystems (summary) 01
Diagenode (summary) 44
DPX Labs (summary) 30
EMD Millipore (summary) 33
GERSTEL (summary) 04
Golden West Diagnostics (summary) 60
Hamilton Robotics (summary) 07
Imtakt USA (summary) 55
Indigo BioAutomation (summary) 50
Integrated Micro Chromatography Systems (IMCS) (summary) 29
Ion Bench / MS Noise (summary) 51
IsoSciences (summary) 56
ITSP Solutions (summary) 08
LGC Standards (summary) 24
MAC-MOD Analytical (summary) 10
Metabolomic Technologies (summary) 16
mSPEC Group (summary) 49
Neoteryx (summary) 17
New England Peptide (summary) 43
Obotics (summary) 18
Optimize Technologies (summary) 22
OraSure Technologies (summary) 13
Orochem Technologies (summary) 48
Parker Hannifin (summary) 09
Peak Scientific 12
Phenomenex (summary) 46
Phytronix Technologies (summary) 45
Promega (summary) 37
Prosolia (summary) 23
RECIPE Chemicals & Instruments (summary) 25
Restek (summary) 19
Scientific Systems (summary) 53
SCIEX (summary) 05
SECTRA (summary) 52
Shimadzu (summary) 39-40 (2 booths)
Sigma-Aldrich (summary) 15
SimulTOF (summary) 20
SPEware (summary) 06
Tecan (summary) 36
Teledyne CETAC Technologies (summary) 41
Thermo Scientific (summary) 34-35 (2 booths)
Thomson Instrument Co. (summary) 02
UTAK Laboratories (summary) 14
Waters (summary) 11,21 (2 booths)
Zef Scientific (summary) 42