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Conference Tips Emails

Tip #1


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #1 : "Preferred Mode of Engagement" Stickers

Sent: Monday, March 20, 2023 12:03 PM


Let the games begin!

For those of you new to MSACL, we send out a number of pre-con emails to provide guidance on what to expect at the event.

Tip #1 : Pick Up a Sticker at the Reg Desk to Avoid Post-Covid Interaction Awkwardness

Choose a sticker (see options below) and affix it to your person to let people know how you prefer to greet, and be greeted.

Avoid the buzz killing monkey judo-like technique of the "fist bump-handshake tango".

No need to read people's minds or body language.

Just observe the sticker, eliminate confusion and get down to business.

Tip #2


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #2 : Check Out an Industry Breakfast Workshop

Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Tip #2 : Check Out a Breakfast Industry Workshop (or Two)

The Industry Workshops hosts are here at MSACL to support your efforts to move science forward. These workshops are GREAT opportunities to: (1) learn how their instruments and/or services could be incorporated into your workflow, and (2) get to know and reinforce existing relationships with the company reps. They're not here just to sell you something, they're here to help.

April 5 (Wed) & April 6 (Thu) from 7:00 - 8:00am in Steinbeck 1,2,3

Breakfast included for the first 150 participants!

Pre-registration is available, but not required. Attendees may simply turn up for any of the Industry Breakfast Workshops.

View the Breakfast Industry Workshops

Tip #3


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #3 : Hospitality Lounge : Networking, Foosball and Open Mic (?)

Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Tip #3 : Find and Frequent the MSACL Hospitality Lounge

This quaint little nook is a touch off the beaten path, but worth the few extra steps.

Located in the Portola Hotel, just behind Jacks bar. Step inside to wet your whistle, compete on the hallowed foosball pitch of Club MSACL Foosfans (yes, it's back!), and/or sing a ballad or two at the open mic.

The Lounge is open all day, every day, for a spot of leisurely reprise, however, its "Hospitality" functionality kicks in at 8 or 9pm (depending). A great place to come after dinner to have a night cap and hang and chat with friends and new acquaintances. Fire pits.

As alluded to above, we will be experimenting with an OPEN MIC this year. We'll bring an acoustic electric guitar so you don't have to schlep one through the airport. It''ll be plugged into a Bose L1C. Along with a Shure microphone. Other instruments and styles of presentation, such as poetry, or prose are welcome; but, if sharing, please expect that you will likely be the background noise in a room full of revelers; i.e. don't take it too seriously. ;)

OPEN MIC is tentatively scheduled for Tue-Thu 9-10pm.

Tip #4


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #4 : Choose-a-Charity

Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2023


Tip #4 : Visit the Vendors to Get Wooden Nickels to Direct Funds to Selected Charities

MSACL will provide wooden nickels to all vendors with an exhibit booth or mini-table.

There will be 5000 wooden nickels distributed.

The value of each of these nickels will be $1 towards a selected charity.

Your job -- should you choose to accept it -- is to get those nickels and help guide them into one or more of the acrylic boxes in the registration foyer where you will Choose-a-CharityTM .

Dropping your collected wooden nickels in an acrylic box directs those representative funds, which you have collected from the vendors, to the charity listed on the box.

There will be up to 5 charities available for selection.

How do I get the nickels, again?

Go talk to the vendors and start forging relationships that will pay dividends throughout your scientific career.

Tip #5


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #5 : Conference Pass Access Permissions

Sent: Friday, March 24, 2023


Tip #5 : Everything, except Short Courses and the British-Trivia Dinner, is included with your conference registration (even the chocolate snacks at the front desk -- we will refer to these often).

You have FULL ACCESS to the Workshops on Tuesday afternoon (not including LC-MSMS 101 - which is a continuing short course), the Discussion Groups, the Roundtables, the Industry Workshops (w Breakfast for the first 150), the Scientific Sessions, the Exhibition receptions and lunches, the Poster Sessions, the Hospitality lounge, and the Friday morning Fun Run (weather looks "good" as of now) and farewell breakfast. All you have to do is show up.

The Short Courses and the British-Trivia Dinner were registration add-ons, which you needed to specifically select during registration in order to participate.

Tip #6


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #6 : Water Stations, Badges, Dress Code

Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2023


Conference Tip #6 : Water Stations, Badges, Dress Code

Water Bottle Filling Stations : If you like to travel with a water bottle, there are a number of water filling stations through the Monterey Conference Center where you can fill up.

Wearing Badges : To help us maintain security at the event, please wear your badge at all MSACL activities; breakfast, exhibits, hospitality lounge, sessions, everything ... although probably not necessary for the morning Tai Chi on Wed and Thu, or the Friday morning Fun Run.

Dress Code (none) : If this is your first time at MSACL, you are probably thinking about what to pack right about now; dress code is casual-ish. Whatever you're comfortable in.

Tip #7


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #7 : Sunrise Tai Chi / Qigong Activity

Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2023


Conference Tip #7 : Sunrise Tai Chi / Qigong Activity

Tai Chi. On Wednesday and Thursday mornings (6-645). On the top (10th) floor of the Marriott. Ferrantes. Surrounded by windows. Bond with your colleagues while staying limber and centered.

Timed so that you can enjoy an exquisite sunrise view prior to heading to the Breakfast Workshops at 800 in Steinbeck 1,2,3.

Led by Leonard Han

Tai Chi and Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) explore the underlying internal practices and approach to fitness training beyond merely moving the body. Ideal for stress reduction, this experience involves the interpenetration of mind and body during movement; meaning it can’t just be the mind, or just the body separately. Qigong exercise includes opening energy centers, joints, and tendons. This is achieved in part through abdominal breathing to calm the mind and in turn relax the body in movement. During the relaxation phase you will learn to activate and sense energy kinesthetically in “felt” terms through simple moving practices. Practice session includes Healing Sounds which function in discharging heat and toxins trapped within the fascia around the internal organs. Qigong exercises together with Tai Chi aim to produce a mental and physical sense of balance, centeredness, and harmony.

What to wear: One principle of Tai Chi and Qigong is relaxed, unrestricted movement, therefore casual loose-fitting clothing is recommended. Avoid tight fitting clothing. Skin breathes, body moves freely with more mobility. Remove any belts during practice. Footwear: Flat soled shoes preferable to feel balanced and rooted or connected to the floor, as opposed to high arched athletic shoes or raised heels. Shoes off OK as long as you aren’t subject to easily slipping or sliding.

Tip #8


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #8 : Friday Fun Run / Walk / Bike

Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2023


Conference Tip #8 : Friday Fun Run

Anyone can participate. And you don't have to run. Many walkers. Some bikers. Some scooters!

Meet on steps at Custom House Plaza in front of Monterey State Historic Park, just outside Portola (ocean-side). See below. We will have some fruit in the MSACL Lounge for a clean gas-up before departure on this daring exploit!

We will follow the Monterey Recreation Trail for a 5-mile round-trip to Lover's Point. About 2 hours walking, 1 hour running. Or turn back at any point to shorten the distance.

Rent a bike (or a kayak) at Adventures by the Sea.

Followed by a Farewell (and recovery) breakfast (burritos) in the MSACL Lounge (Portola Club Room).

Tip #9


Subject: MSACL 2023 : Tip #9 : How to Get Here & Where to Start

Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2023


Conference Tip #9 : How to Get Here & Where to Start

Getting Here

Just in case you are still pondering options for arrival, please be sure to check the Getting There page that has information on Shuttles from San Jose and San Fran airports that pull right up to the Monterey Marriott, as well as cost estimates for UBER from those same airports.

If you are landing at San Jose (SJC) or SFO after midnight, you might want to find a hotel for that night and catch a morning shuttle.

Picking Up Your Badge

The first place you want to go on arrival to MSACL 2023 is the main entrance of the Monterey Conference Center.

Enter the main doors and you will run into the MSACL registration desk where you can pick up your badge. 

If you are taking a short course, your friendly MSACL Staff person will let you know where your short course is located. If there is printed material for your course, you will pick it up from the instructors in the course room. Show the instructor your badge, let them check you off of their list and, viola, your experience has begun. 

Remember, all of the workshops, and roundtables and discussion sessions are free to attend and do not require registration, you just need to show up. Only the short courses require a separate registration.