Improving patient outcomes by overcoming the challenges
of implementing high value tests in the clinical lab

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Exhibit Schedule Overview
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Tuesday: April 48:00 - 16:00Set-Up
Tuesday: April 418:30 - 21:00SHOW
Wednesday: April 58:00 - 16:30Doors Open -> Flow Schedule
Thursday: April 68:00 - 14:00Doors Open -> Flow Schedule
Thursday: April 614:30 - 18:30Breakdown

Exhibit Hall Schematic

The MSACL 2023 Exhibit Hall will be in the Monterey Conference Center.

A tentative schematic of the Exhibit Hall is below.

Registered Exhibitors: 34 Exhibitors occupying 33 Booths

CompanyBooth #
AFFINISEP (summary) see map (mini-table)
Agilent Technologies (summary) 8,9 (2 booths)
Anchor Molecular see map (mini-table)
Biotage (summary) 30
Calibra Diagnostics (summary) 10
Cambridge Isotope Labs (summary) 4
Chrom Tech (summary) 27
Chromsystems (summary) 29
DPX Technologies (summary) 11
Evosep Biosystems (summary) see map (mini-table)
Golden West Diagnostics (summary) 15
Hamilton Company (summary) 12
Immundiagnostik (summary) see map (mini-table)
Imtakt USA (summary) 19
Indigo BioAutomation (summary) 16,17 (2 booths)
IonBench / ionCorp (summary) see map (mini-table)
Kura Biotech (summary) 25
MilliporeSigma (summary) 32
Newomics (summary) see map (mini-table)
osteolabs (summary) see map (mini-table)
Peak Scientific (summary) see map (mini-table)
Phenomenex (summary) 33
Phytronix Technologies (summary) 28
PreOmics (summary) see map (mini-table)
Restek (summary) 20
SCIEX (summary) 1,2,13,14 (4 booths)
SeqGen 31
Shanghai Reigncom Biotech (summary) 3
Shimadzu (summary) 26
The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (summary) see map (mini-table)
Thermo Fisher Scientific (summary) 5,6,7 (3 booths)
Waters Corporation (summary) 21,22,23,24 (4 booths)
YYZ Pharmatech (summary) see map (mini-table)
Zef Scientific (summary) 18

Focused Attendee Flow

IN Exhibit Hall
Sunday16:00 - 20:00Reg Desk Open for Early Badge Pick-Up
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Tuesday18:30 - 21:00Opening Exhibits Reception
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Tuesday20:00 - 20:45Troubleshooting Posters
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Wednesday8:00 - 8:45Coffee Break
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Wednesday8:00 - 8:45Meet-a-Mentor Booth Tour
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Wednesday11:00 - 12:30Poster Session 1
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Wednesday11:30 - 13:30Lunch Buffet
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Wednesday12:00 - 12:45Troubleshooting Posters
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Wednesday12:30 - 14:00Poster Session 2
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Wednesday15:00 - 15:30Coffee Break
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Thursday8:00 - 8:45Coffee Break
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Thursday11:00 - 12:30Poster Session 3
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Thursday11:30 - 13:30Lunch Buffett
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Thursday12:00 - 12:45Troubleshooting Posters
Exhibit Hall - Serra
Thursday12:30 - 14:00Poster Session 4
Exhibit Hall - Serra