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Golden West Diagnostics

Brian Kelly


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Sunday, March 17



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Location: Serra Foyer (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)

Short Course : LC-MSMS 101 : Getting Started with Quantitative LC-MSMS in the Diagnostic Laboratory

Location: De Anza 2 (Portola Hotel > Ground Floor)

Grace van der Gugten, B.Sc. Chemistry

Alberta Precision Laboratories

Deborah French, PhD, DABCC (CC, TC)


Jacqueline Hubbard, PhD, DABCC

Hubbard Lab Consulting

Lorin Bachmann, PhD, DABCC

VCU Health System

Short Course : LC-MSMS 201 : Practical LC-MS/MS Method Development and Bioanalytical Method Validation for Clinical and Non-Clinical Samples

Location: Ironwood 2 (Portola Hotel > 3rd Floor)

Perry Wang, PhD

LC-MS Technical Expert

Short Course : LC-MSMS 302 : Advanced LC-MS/MS Method Development, Method Troubleshooting and Instrument Operation Needed in Developing Successful Methods for Molecular identification and Quantitation in the Clinical Lab

Location: Steinbeck 2 (Conference Ctr > 2nd Floor)

Robert Voyksner, PhD

LCMS Limited

Short Course : Data Science 101 : Breaking up with Excel: An Introduction to the R Statistical Programming Language

Location: Colton 1/2 (Conference Ctr > 2nd Floor)

Dustin Bunch, PhD, DABCC

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Nicholas Spies, MD

Washington University in St. Louis / Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Short Course : Data Science 203 : Machine Learning : A Gentle Introduction

Location: Bonsai (Portola Hotel > Ground Floor)

Randall Julian, PhD

Indigo BioAutomation

Stephen Master, MD, PhD, FADLM

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Short Course : Metabolomics 102 : Microsampling and Mass Spectrometry – Fit for Purpose in the Clinical Screening and Monitoring Space

Location: Cottonwood 1 (Portola Hotel > 3rd Floor)

Donald Chace, PhD, MSFS, FACB


Tim Garrett, PhD

University of Florida College of Medicine

Welcome Dinner Buffet

Location: Ferrantes (Marriott > 10th Floor)

Monterey Conference Center Closes

Location: Serra Foyer (Conference Ctr > Ground Floor)