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MSACL Offers Complimentary Registration for Unemployed Professionals (up to 2 events only).

Please Contact Us to Inquire.


Short Courses Have Separate Fees (View) and Require a Conference Pass

Payment Method Service Fees added on by MSACL

Credit Card: $0
*Check: $40
*Bank/Wire Transfer: $70

*If you are paying by check or wire transfer, payment must be received by Feb 28 or the associated registration may be cancelled.

Conference Pass (Tue - Fri)

See rates below. Full access, except Short Courses and Pub-Style Trivia Dinner (Thu) with Tim are not included.

Jan 17, 2024
Feb 23, 2024
Feb 23, 2024
Industry / Commercial$1500$1605$1708
Acad / Govt / Non-Profit$830$880$930
Student / Post-Doc / Fellow$405$430$455
Accompanying Individual$405$430$455

Last Day Pass (Thu/Fri)

The LAST day pass (Thu/Fri only) is offered at Industry $854, Academic $465, Student $228. This registration type does NOT allow a short course add-on registration. It does allow Closing British-style Trivia Dinner add-on registration. It does allow participation in the Fri AM Monterey Sunrise Challenge Walk-Run.

What's Included

Access to:

  • Exhibit Hall
  • All Program sessions, except Short Courses and the Pub-Style Trivia Networking Dinner

Registration-Type Definitions

INDUSTRY or Commercial

Any commercial entity. This includes for-profit hospitals and other health care facilities that are for-profit.


Any academic or governmental institution. This also includes 501c3 non-profit institutions.


Must be a full-time student, graduate-level candidate (e.g., masters, doctorate), or Post-Doc (including resident and fellowship trainees). This DOES NOT INCLUDE Junior Faculty, which qualifies as Academic. ANY commercially or academically employed individual, at any percent time, is considered Industry or Academic, respectively.



This is intended for "partners" (e.g., husband, wife, partner, etc). Said person should be accompanying a conference registrant and be NEITHER involved, representing, employed NOR consulting for either a company, group or individual involved in, supporting, or intending to support analytical analysis (with mass spectrometers and/or other analytical devices) and/or clinical analysis.

To submit an application for this registration type, applicant must confirm they fall within the category as defined above. Applicant will also need to submit an email to stating such before registration will be approved.

Confirmed registrants will be permitted to attend all events, including the Exhibition, Plenary Sessions, Scientific Sessions, Workshops, Discussion Groups, and Social Events. offerings.

Terms and Conditions

Liability Waiver

I, as a conference participant, agree and acknowledge that I am undertaking participation in MSACL of my own free will. I hereby assume all risks of personal injury and/or other loss or damage arising out of, or in any way associated with, my participation. I release to the fullest extent permitted by law, MSACL and any of its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents or other representatives, successors, assigns, and all others acting on their behalf (collectively referred to herein as the "Released Parties") from any and all responsibilities, claims, expenses, personal injury, wrongful death or liability for injuries or damages of any kind resulting from or in any way arising out of my participation in this MSACL event. I also agree to hold the Released Parties harmless against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, losses, damages, and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred in defending such claims directly or indirectly resulting from, or in any way arising out of or related to my participation in MSACL Events. I acknowledge that my participation in this MSACL event is expressly conditioned on my agreeing to the foregoing.

Publicity Release

I acknowledge that during MSACL Events, MSACL may photograph or video various aspects of the event, this includes all Scientific Presentations . I hereby grant full permission to MSACL to use any media from MSACL, including my name and/or likeness for any MSACL business purpose.

Refund Policy

Cancellation requests must be submitted by email to

Please note that all refunds will be issued in the same format as payment was received. If you paid by credit card, refunds should occur within a couple of days. For all other forms of payment, cancellations will be processed and refunds distributed within 60 days of the close of the conference.

MSACL is not an insurance company. If you get sick or there is some other issue that prevents you from attending, MSACL DOES NOT provide refunds after the NO REFUND date. To protect your trip expenses in case of an unforeseen event that prevents you from attending, you may want to look into Business Travel Insurance.

Cancellations receive:

  • By February 9: a 90% refund, ONLY if NO abstract accepted.
  • After February 9-23: a 50% refund, ONLY if NO abstract accepted.
  • After February 23: No refund.
  • Conference Cancellation due to Administrative Discretion or Force Majeure : Full Refund ONLY for registrations that are not cancelled prior to official conference cancellation notice.

Badge Sharing

Badge sharing is prohibited. If it is identified that you are sharing a badge, the badge will be confiscated without refund and both people involved may be banned from future MSACL events for at least 2 conference cycles.