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Lead Capture

DO THIS minimum prep 1 week prior to MSACL:

Lead Capture Checklist

You can download a SAMPLE of the QR code for the event here.

If this is your first time at the event, each attendee will have a 2D barcode (QR code) on their badge that contains their contact information in a meCard format. You can scan these codes with any 2D barcode scanner (or mobile phone) to collect that information (with their permission)

You can use BadgerScan to collect and manage contact information from 2D barcodes.

(1) is free to download for Apple and Android devices, and free for anyone to use,
(2) does not upload data to any servers (contact data is only stored on your phone, and is separate from your main device contacts),
(3) allows you to export your collected leads in a spreadsheet via email at any time, and to anyone (we recommend that you do this daily while onsite as data backup),
(4) allows you to create email templates to initiate contact with leads rapidly using preformatted text that you input.
(5) get an overview of all features here.
(6) Prepare for the event by going through the checklist that you can find here.

If you choose to use BadgerScan for your lead collection solution onsite, please remember to test it on your device before arrival. If you have any questions you can contact us at any time.

BadgerScan can be used at any event where the organizers follow the BadgerScan protocol for QR or PDF417 barcodes.

More info on using BadgerScan as an Exhibitor.


BadgerScan is the recommended Lead Capture app for MSACL events. It allows lead capture with complete privacy via QR codes. It NEVER connects your phone to a cloud database either to give you contact details or take them from you. All contact information is contained in the QR code on each attendee's badge. Besides allowing contact annotation, and prioritization, customized surveys may also be implemented.

The App is available for Apple and Android devices.

BadgerScan Functional Guidance